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Dog Friends - Auckland Region & Rodney - September 2016

HIBISCUS COAST dog owners:

Please read to the end and think hard when voting for your Local Board candidates.

The following 3 candidates are our pick - please read their comments below. Woof ! :-

* JANET FITZGERALD - I appreciate everything Dog Friends – Auckland Region & Rodney has done to achieve fair rules for dogs. I am a dog lover from way back - they really are a person’s best friend. I definitely support the current existing time and season rules and would oppose any erosion of the current rules. I hope to continue working with you and your group in the future.

* JOHN DAVIES - First off, I love dogs! Dogs are an integral part of our personal health (mental and physical) and I want people to be able to fully realise the benefits of dog ownership. So I'll stand for the most relaxed rules on your right to exercise your dog, but I will edge that with expecting high levels of personal responsibility. I will expect dog owners to clean up 100% of the time after their dogs and I'll expect dog owners to know their dogs well enough to know if they need a muzzle or to be on leads when mixing with the public. I'm happy with the current hours of access to public spaces, but I would tend to greater freedom. I believe if you're responsible, you should be free within appropriate rules, to exercise and enjoy time with your dog. So I would most definitely vote against any further restriction.

* THOMAS STIVEN - I am indeed happy with the current dog rules in Hibiscus & Bays Local Board area and will act to advocate, support and vote in favour of responsible dog owners to ensure that their rights under the current rules are not endangered. I understand the importance of dog owners being able to enjoy the area with their dogs in public places as this is part of their reason for choosing to live here. I will therefore remain pragmatic around areas of concern for dog owners to ensure the rights given to them under current rules are upheld.

IMPORTANT for dog owners in Albany Ward (includes HIBISCUS COAST, NORTH SHORE DOWN TO CAMPBELLS BAY, Albany, North Harbour, Hobsonville and Whenuapai).

We are thrilled that LISA WHYTE & GRAHAM LOWE (both long term dog owners) are standing for Council for that area:

• Before the last election Lisa was 1 of 3 members who sat on the time and season hearing for Hibiscus & Bays Local Board to ensure timely implementation of the new Auckland Dog Policy region wide summer beach rule - dogs allowed off leash before 9 am and after 5 pm from Labour Weekend to 1st March and 24/7 for the rest of the year. Sadly there have been some random decisions of other local boards which have undermined sensible and fair access to our reserves and coastlines for responsible dog owners. We now have fragmented and inconsistent rules that have been applied for political reasons rather than on the basis of evidence.

• As the chair of Upper Harbour Local Board Lisa ensured all board members took part in their decision so that they could hear firsthand how much the decisions impact on responsible dog owners being able to do the right thing. This resulted in a fair and balanced outcome for all users.

• We are very proud of the off leash 8 acres at Sanders reserve in Paremoremo, and we are aware that people travel long distances to allow their dogs this very important off leash exercise and socialisation with other dogs and their owners.

• Knowing how important it is to have places to exercise our dogs, I took my role on the access hearings very seriously.

• In the next week or so, the poisonous Karaka trees will be relocated from where they are in Luckens reserve in West Harbour where dogs are off leash to prevent avoidable accidents.

• I pride myself as being sensible and fair in all things, not just dog related and we have reviewed local board project spend in Upper Harbour by location to make sure we are investing fairly in projects around our geographically spread out area, which faces infrastructure shortage due to growth and the changing face of formerly semi rural communities.

• Graham has a miniature schnauzer, Charlie and they had a border collie for 15 years before that. Our family includes a cute Cocker Spaniel, Sonic and last year we lost Muck our super loving English Springer spaniel.

• Going forward there needs to be an Auckland Council review to allow clarity and sensible understanding of dog access rules around our city. The current arrangement serves no-one well as without checking the council website it is unlikely anyone really knows what rules apply where!

Dog Friends - Auckland Region & Rodney
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