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Very important for dog owners – please read carefully and check back regularly as we add more information for you (key recommendations at bottom of page).

This is going to be the most important time for dog owners since our huge fight (and victory) in 2004/2005.

The upcoming elections are going to be very important for dog owners. Many of you will remember that some RDC Councillors fought bitterly for months to try and defeat the introduction of our new, much improved Dog Policy in 2005.

When postal voting papers are received for the upcoming elections dog owners should remember which of the individuals who are standing for the local Boards supported us strongly (see below) and also the extreme stance taken by those who opposed it.

Strongly SUPPORTING us were:

Gaye Harding – now standing for Hibiscus Coast Board
Gaye was a very strong supporter of the new Dog Policy during our huge campaign a few years ago. She agreed that dog owners were not being treated fairly under the old policy and spoke up very strongly in favour of the new policy. She has consistently supported responsible dog owners in their fight for better conditions for dogs.

Thomas Grace – standing for Rodney (Kumeu) Thomas is a dog lover. He lobbied hard to help secure a fair Dog Policy for dog owners during the 2004/2005 hearings.

The following two Councillors were vehemently OPPOSED to the new Dog Policy

John Watson – now standing for Hibiscus & Bays (Hibiscus Coast) Board
On the day that the Policy was finally passed by Council John Watson asked that "it be recorded that he had voted against it as he believed the message that would be sent out to the community as a result of the bylaw would result in people feeling unsafe on beaches.”

Wayne Walker voted against it because “he believed over the summer months there would be nowhere for people to go to a beach and enjoy the situation without being worried that they might be disturbed by dogs.”
This was a strange comment because under the new dog Policy dogs are prohibited on the popular Rodney beaches in the summer months between the hours of 9 am and 7 pm.

Please don't be apathetic about the upcoming elections - ensure that you take the small amount of time needed to fill in your voting forms when they arrive ........ and vote wisely! One vote will not make a difference but the collective votes of 2,000 + dog owners can easily make a difference.

One VERY important thing to know - you DON'T have to vote for the maximum number of people in any ward. If you only want to vote for one or two then just do that. "Topping up" your voting paper just to get to the maximum number may actually mean that your first choice candidates don't get elected!!


Ward Councillor - Albany (Albany Ward covers Hibiscus Coast, EC Bays & Upper Harbour)
John Kirikiri

Hibiscus Coast Board
Gaye Harding
John Kirikiri
Leanne Smith
Zane Taylor

Ward Councillor – Rodney
Penny Webster

Kumeu Board (part of Rodney Ward)
Thomas Grace

Note also: It is important that local Board members will be able to work with their Ward Councillor who can vote for local issues on the Supercity.